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Starting out

I started out as a commercial photographer and then moved into weddings . It has been a very long and exciting journey. I have been meaning to start a blog since a long time but I have just not been able to find the time for it. I still dont know how often I would be able to talk to you guys but this is a start .

I would love to share my thoughts, my life and my ways on how I approach weddings in Karachi and basically weddings in general. I love shooting bridal portraits and even though wedding events are long and taxing, there is something about it. I cant wait to talk to you more on this blog everytime I get . But till then, I hope you guys take care of yourself. This is a very tough time for most people specially the wedding industry. Please pray for us that we survive this and make it through as this long layout might be a killer for all of us

Stay home. Stay Safe

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